Cosmic Elegance from STRUKTUR

woman wearing new STRUKTUR Eyewear for Autumn/Winter 2023

STRUKTUR, known for its craftsmanship, refinement, and innovation in the eyewear industry, showcased its latest collection at SILMO, featuring exceptional creations. “Cosmic Elegance” embodies the perfect fusion of classic elegance and contemporary innovation. This collection showcases a variety of styles, offering a range of choices for eyewear enthusiasts.

Among the latest models, the brand will present four newcomers made from cellulose acetate. “Each of these pieces is a unique work of art,” says designer Thierry Bonhomme. “The EQUINOX,” one of these newcomers, is a beautiful example. It stands out with its harmonious design that evokes the meeting of day and night, as well as shadow and light. The machining work reveals two sinuous curves that intertwine on the upper part of the frame.

STRUKTUR The Infinity
The Infinity

But the collection doesn’t stop there. STRUKTUR eyewear will also be presenting two new models in openwork metal, combining lightness and elegance, and a combined titanium model, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication.

STRUKTUR Quarterback
STRUKTUR Working Girl
Working Girl

Each frame on display embodies high-quality Norman craftsmanship, combining cutting-edge technology with tradition. The brand promises to transport each visitor into a world where every detail is carefully thought out to awaken the senses and stimulate creativity.

STRUKTUR delivers vivid, translucent colors of exceptional brilliance, the result of a collaboration with the two leading craftsmen LA-ES in Italy and MODOT in France. The collection features colors inspired by distant galaxies and the northern lights, adding a touch of mystery.


STRUKTUR eyewear embodies the bold fusion of Norman history and contemporary innovation. These glasses, designed by the designer Thierry Bonhomme, subtly blend artisanal tradition and avant-garde aesthetics, drawing inspiration from modern architecture and current fashion. Each frame, bearing the name of a city or a profession, evokes an authentic story, while noble materials such as cellulose acetate, surgical steel, or titanium ensure durability and comfort. The daring color palette reflects joy and creativity, rooted in Norman culture. At the heart of STRUKTUR, Norman craftsmanship merges with innovation, with each pair meticulously handcrafted by dedicated artisans, showcasing over 55 years of expertise. STRUKTUR eyewear is more than just a pair of glasses; it’s an optical journey where boldness meets elegance, and heritage marries innovation. A Norman vision of the world.

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