Costa Launches Inspirational Global Consumer Brand Campaign

Costa announces the launch of an ambitious multi-year, creative consumer brand campaign designed to attract the dedicated water lover, appealing to the adventurous men and women who see the watery world as home. The campaign will run in the U.S., Canada, Central, and South America and Australia.

Using the tagline “For those who need water to breathe”, the campaign tells the story of Costa through imagery of men and women who were made for the water and soak up every last drop in their search for adventure. The new creative is targeted towards those who come alive on the water and want their eyewear to reflect this. According to internal research, Costa owners possess an average of 5+ pairs of premium sunglasses and actively promote the brand (Costa has an NPS score of 66 out of 100).

In order to connect with consumers in the most relevant forms of media at the most relevant times, the campaign will run in a mix of traditional (print, broadcast and billboard) and digital channels (web, podcasts and social) as well as on innovative app platforms such as Waze, which will target the ad creative to consumers searching for water destinations. Other mediums planned for the campaign include popular magazines such as Outside, National Geographic Traveler (including a sponsored NatGeo Traveler Instagram story), Food & Wine and Conde Nast Traveler; travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia and Airbnb; television/streaming services including Hulu, NBC, ABC, Fox Now, and ESPN; and social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

“While we will always honor our roots from fishermen, we are looking to be the gear of choice for anyone who loves the water, whether their interest lies in fishing, paddle-boarding or any type of water adventure,” said T.J. McMeniman, vice president of marketing at Costa. “We hope that this new campaign will encourage more consumers to join the Costa tribe and see what’s out there through a Costa lens.”


About Costa

As the first patented color-enhancing, polarized lens in the industry, Costa offers superior sunglass lens technology and unparalleled frame fit and durability. Still handcrafted today in Florida, Costa has created the highest quality, best-performing sunglasses and prescription sunglasses (Rx) for outdoor water enthusiasts since 1983. Costa’s product portfolio now includes optical frames for men and women, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the optical channel. Costa’s pillars of protect, perform and explore are at the core of its growing cult-brand status, with roots starting among its tribe of dedicated fans who are passionate about spending time outdoors, in, on or around the water.

Honored by the industry as the leader in the 2017 Social Purpose: Company and 2018 & 2017 EyeVote Social Purpose: Brand categories, Costa works hard to protect the oceans it calls home. Its commitment to sustainability is integral to the company’s vision, and this promise is inherent in every pair of Costas sold. By utilizing bio-based, eco-friendly resin in most of its nylon sunglasses and optical frames, Costa has greatly reduced their emissions and overall carbon footprint. Additionally, through programs like its Kick Plastic campaign, where the brand seeks to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem threatening oceans worldwide to serving as a long-term partner to shark research organizations like OCEARCH, Costa encourages the protection of the Earth’s aquatic resources in any way they can.

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