Costa Launches New Ophthalmic Frames

Costa announces an expansion of the most popular Ocean Ridge and Mariana Trench Costa Optical ophthalmic frames, building on the success of previous lines with additional colorways of the high-performance, ultra-thin resin Ocean Ridge and a smaller fit of the Mariana Trench. The expansion will broaden availability in these top-selling styles for a wider variety of patient styles and face sizes. The new styles range in MSRP from $150-$200.

“We have seen some very high interest in both our Mariana Trench and Ocean Ridge styles, and the addition of the high performance, ultra-thin resin in the Ocean Ridge line has definitely appealed to our core consumer—people who are active and ready to ‘see what’s out there’,” said John Sanchez, vice president of product design for Costa. “In response requests for smaller sizes of our top-selling Ocean Ridge and Mariana Trench styles, we’ve created these extensions to give patients even more options in their favorite Costa Optical styles.”

High-Performance Ultra-Thin Additions

The Ocean Ridge 220 style extends the thin, lightweight styles of its high performance, ultra-thin resin program for the active customer in a rectangular eye shape and three two-toned colorways (darker color on the frame front top which fades to a lighter color on the lower rim). Colorways include matte black fade to navy; matte dark Havana fade to brown; and matte olive green fade to clear. The frame gives the appearance of a semi-rimless style.

Ocean Ridge 220 in matte olive green fade to clear

For active females, the Ocean Ridge 230 style features the same thin, lightweight material of the high performance, ultra-thin resin in a feminine cat eye shape and three two-toned colorways (darker color on the frame front top which fades to a lighter color on the lower rim). Color options include matte black fade to kiwi; matte Havana fade to rose; and matte gray fade.

Ocean Ridge 230 in matte black fade to kiwi

Style Expansions

The Ocean Ridge 111 style expands the availability of the Ocean Ridge 110 style, which uses trifusion technology to combine three colors in one frame, by reducing the eye size of the popular frame to 50mm. Three new colorways are available: Shiny Black, Pink, and Purple; Matte Gray, Orange, and Salmon; and Shiny Honey Tortoise, Blue, and Blue Crystal.

Ocean Ridge 111 in Matte Gray, Orange, and Salmon

Mariana Trench 111 gains three new colorways in a smaller eye size of the curvy cat eye design (reduced to 48mm), perfect for the petite female adventurer. Colorways include Maroon Horn, Tortoise Sunrise, and Black Horn.

Mariana Trench 111 in Tortoise Sunrise

Bio-Resin Demo Lens Program

In the optical world, the largest contributor to waste is the demo lenses which are traditionally a product manufactured from a petroleum base. As a part of Costa’s ongoing commitment to protecting its watery world, Costa will offer demo lenses derived from corn starch made from plant products taro and maize for all new optical frames. This change reinforces Costa’s commitment to protect the watery world.


About Costa

As the leading manufacturer of the world’s clearest polarized performance sunglasses, Costa offers superior sunglass lens technology and unparalleled frame fit and durability. Still handcrafted today in Florida, Costa has created the highest quality, best-performing sunglasses and prescription sunglasses (Rx) for outdoor water enthusiasts since 1983. Costa’s recently expanded product portfolio now includes optical frames for men and women, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the optical channel. Costa’s pillars of protect, perform and explore are at the core of its growing cult-brand status, with roots starting among its tribe of dedicated fans who are passionate about spending time outdoors, in, on or around the water.

Honored by the industry as the leader in the 2017 EyeVote Social Purpose: Brand and Social Purpose: Company categories, Costa works hard to protect the oceans it calls home. Its commitment to sustainability is integral to the company’s vision, and this promise is inherent in every pair of Costas sold. By utilizing bio-based, eco-friendly resin in most of its nylon sunglasses and optical frames, Costa has greatly reduced their emissions and overall carbon footprint. Additionally, through programs like its Kick Plastic campaign, where the brand seeks to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem threatening oceans worldwide to serving as a long-term partner to shark research organizations like OCEARCH, Costa encourages the protection of the Earth’s aquatic resources in any way they can.