Covrt Project – Reflect Your Attitude

London’s independent brand releases first optical frames in a bold, avantgarde series which evolves from the highly acclaimed _MISSION ONE sunglasses collection.

Covrt Project brings its innovative style and attitude to optical frames, with a new series, officially unveiled for the first time this month. The four frames are photographed in a still-life shoot entitled “REFLECT YOUR ATTITUDE”. The images are free from shadows apart from the colored reflection of the glasses, in a visual representation to highlight the attitude and individuality of both frame and wearer.

“Bold layered constructions, with the same micro innovations and cutting edge, technical details of _Mission One sunglasses, true to the spirit of street fashion, and made in Italy…” Marcello Martino, Creative Director, Covrt Project

The optical designs have a layered construction with a base frame in the brand’s signature BLACK. The optical layer, created with bespoke eye shape and PD (Pupillary distance) – researched rigorously to be suitable for optical lenses, also features a new design solution for the rim lock. Eliminating the traditional style lock mechanism and significantly reducing weight, the optical section has been built with a minutely perforated edging at the sides, from where the lens can be installed or removed. This allows for extraordinary simplicity in the placement of the lenses in the frame – secured once the section is bolted with two screws to the base.

All the base frames are available in Covrt Project signature BLACK with the optical component offered in Black or Raw silver. The raw colour uses a special process to keep the natural satin look of the raw metal material, whilst still featuring a special coating for durability, CE testing and optical use.

Covrt Project optical styles (MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5) are produced in lightweight CNC milled steel. Signature cam laser-welded hinge offer excellent tension and features a functional ‘Stopper’ incorporated into the temple arm. *The MP3 features barrel hinges, laser welded onto temples. Black silicone nose pads with adjustable pad arms create the utmost comfort
while temple tips have an innovative silicone band applied by hand at the tips with the aim of providing extra comfort and the ideal grip and stability when worn.


Covrt Project MP2
Covrt Project MP2

The unisex D-shaped frame is based on the sunglass style MP2 in the _Mission One collection, with a modified structure derived from the concept of the first single visor sun lens. In this optical concept, the layer holding the ophthalmic lenses creates a layer on top of the main frame, fitting snuggly against it, bolted with visible screws. The result is the same individualistic, confident design of the sunglass with a fine-tuned pared-down construction suited to ophthalmic lenses. Colorways: BLK_RAW, BLK_BLK


Covrt Project MP3
Covrt Project MP3

Based on the square-shaped mask, the main structure of the MP3 optical style has a raised “Aviator style” bridge and thicker temples which contrast with the front. With the same visible signature bolts as the MP2, the optical layer has an impressive double bridge design which enhances the geometric construction of the front. The result is a bold and fearless futuristic aviator style. Colorways: BLK_RAW, BLK_BLK


Covrt Project MP4
Covrt Project MP4

This hexagonal-shaped design is more conventional in the appearance of the individual lenses which are layered over the main frame and bolted on in the signature style of the brand. The high double bridge, topped with an acetate bar adds a completely unique dynamic to this geometric design and an interesting combination with the sleek minimal lines of the temples. Colorways: BLK_RAW, BLK_BLK


Covrt Project MP5
Covrt Project MP5

The main frame of the MP5 has a completely distinctive tech design with a modified square lens shape. The optical section comes in one piece – and fits onto the milled steel main frame with the signature visible screws. As in other models, a raised top bar with slender proportions provides the distinguishing tech detail. Colorways: BLK_RAW, BLK_BLK

Covrt Project is a contemporary streetwear brand with a completely unique handcrafted style of eyewear design that has taken the international eyewear sector by storm. Founded in a design studio in London in June 2018, Covrt Project’s Creative Director Marcello Martino is an advocate for products with long-lasting quality, technical precision, and rule-breaking attributes using advanced materials and an innovative aesthetic that is progressive and completely distinctive.

Marcello Martino is the Creative Director of Covrt Project. He has worked across design disciplines since 2011 when he completed his MA in product design. He has led projects to design numerous bar and restaurant interiors in central London, and today has become a leading creative innovator in 3D spatial design.

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