Creative Ways to Use Co-op Advertising for the Optical Professional

I did a post on Co-op Advertising. You might think it is not for you, but there are many creative ways to use Co-op. You definitely have to get vendor approval for some of the below listed marketing ideas. Check them out, it might work for you.

1.) Print Advertising

  • Yellow Pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Val-Pak
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Freebie Giveaway papers
  • Penny Saver
  • Parents Magazine
  • Real Estate Magazine
  • Hotel Magazine

2.) Media

  • Radio
  • TV/Cable

3.) Billboards

  • Train Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Subways
  • Taxi’s
  • Airplane Banners
  • Grocery Carts
  • Mall Directories

4.) Electronic Reader Boards

5.) CD’s. VCR’s. DVD continuous digital programs in the reception room or dispensary

6.) Durantrans or lightbox displays

7.) Vendor Specific Postcards

8.) Charity Events or other Social Causes

  • T-shirt giveaway
  • Coupons

9.) Cultural Events

  • Playbills
  • Movie Theaters
  • Street Fairs

10.) Community Involvement

  • Convention or booth at local show
  • Sponsorship of Little League, soccer and bowling teams
  • Chamber of Commerce Events
  • Give-aways

11.) Promotional Events

  • Trunk Shows
  • Customer Appreciation Day
  • Fashion Shows
  • Monthly Raffles or specials

12.) Professional Window Dresser

13.) Sports and Fitness

  • Promotion at local health clubs
  • Promotions at local spas

14.) Office Give-aways

  • Reusable Bags, pens, water bottles, memo pads, coasters, T-shirts and more.

15.) Displays and Fixtures

  • Display fixtures or custom signage

16.) Newsletter

  • Vendor advertising on your newsletter

17.) Office Attire

  • Lab coats, Vendor T-shirts with optical vendor name displayes

18.) Staff Bonus or incentive plans

19.) Patient Recall Program

20.) In Office Marketing

Specialized Stationary with Vendor Name

  • Office Brochures
  • Door Mats with Vendor Name

21.) Vendor Gift Certificates for your Patients

22.) Education

23.) Website

24.) Personalization of Optical Accessories

  • Lens cleaners, cloths, contact lens cloths, swag bags, eyeglass cases