Cutler And Gross Launches Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Cutler and Gross 1391 Fall/Winter 2021

Introducing eleven new Cutler And Gross designs for Fall/Winter 2021, the new line of optical and sunglasses is inspired by the melting pot of cultures and creative characters which crowded Soho, London in the 60s and 70s.

Iconic archive frames are reincarnated with a modern twist with each frame embodying influential characters and creative icons within fashion, art, and music. These retro styles are then elevated and refined by Italian artisans at their atelier in the mountains of Northern Italy.

1390 Round Sunglasses

Cutler and Gross 1390 Round Sunglasses
1390 Round Sunglasses

The 1390 is inspired by the original Cutler and Gross frame 0197, made in 1987, and the Material Girl’s 1989 visit to the Knightsbridge store in London. As word filtered through of her presence in the area, the alleyways around the store filled with the paparazzi longing for a glimpse. The 1390 nods to the heady days of 80s and 90s London street fashion and has been a favorite of our international retail teams and fashion-conscious customers for over 30 years. The 1390 is a welcome reincarnation of the 0737 and 0197 combined and traditional handmade processes used in the Cutler and Gross factory adds gravitas to the sunglass. Understated yet powerful, this frame symbolizes the newfound confidence and soul of the 80s. A round oval, the shape universally lends itself to all personalities and face shapes.

1391 Optical Rectangle Glasses

Cutler and Gross 1391 Optical Rectangle Glasses
1391 Optical Rectangle Glasses

Drawing inspiration from Patti Smith’s visit to London in 1977, playing at The Rock Garden, Soho, bringing with her all the style, attitude, and self-confidence of 1970s America. This frame harks back to the irreverent mix of punk, poetry, art, and epicene fashion stemming from the ‘Chelsea Scene’ in New York in the 60s & 70s.

The Hotel Chelsea was teaming with creatives at that time, where an eclectic mix of characters as varied as Janis Joplin, Brendan Behan, Sid Vicious and Arthur Miller drank, socialized, performed, and co-habited with up and coming writers, artists, and musicians.

With design cues taken from the original 0692 and 0137, combined with classic American black acetate frames found in Graham Cutler’s personal archives, the 1391 is a generously proportioned fit with slightly winged lugs and exudes confidence and personality. 3D sculpting on the front of the nose bridge and on the temples introduces a new level of definition and craftmanship. Paying further homage to its musical inspiration, the new temple core is reimagined in the design of a Fret Board as found on the guitars.

1392 Optical Round Glasses

Cutler and Gross 1392 Optical Round Glasses
1392 Optical Round Glasses

During the late 50s and early 60s, the American counterculture movement arrived on British shores through literature (i.e.: J. Kerouac’s On the Road in 1957) and films (i.e.: The Beatnicks in 1958 and Beat Girl in 1960) The fusion of poetry, jazz, blues and street art loosened inhibitions and helped ignite the swinging 60s era in London. The 1392 is inspired by the uniform of the Beatniks, which included thick-rimmed glasses, cigarette pants, and roll-neck sweaters. It’s a squared round with perfect proportions; understated, yet immaculately formed resulting in a truly unisex style. Featuring a relaxed fit bridge and comfort milled interior, which favors both form and function.

Cutler and Gross 1393 Optical Square Glasses
1393 Optical Square Glasses

Inspired by glasses from the Cutler and Gross archive which were originally found at the Laurence Corner Army Surplus Store on London’s Drummond Street in the 1970s. A staple of the British Fashion scene, the store was favored as the source of inspiration for top designers, musicians, and artists for over 50 years. From Sergeant Pepper’s jackets, to clothing masses of students, military clothing was worn by urban dwellers in London for practical and stylistic reasons and Laurence Corner had the biggest selection for sartorial collectors.

Adopted as an urban fashion icon in the 60s and early 70s, the ‘GI’ frame was utilitarian and well built, and often sun lenses were often added for customization. The 1393 is the perfect square, with lowered hinges, enabling a helmet to be worn and a pronounced nose-bump increases ventilation and reduces fogging. Interior milling allows the frame to be worn all day due to the added comfort and balance afforded by the extra internal workmanship.

Cutler and Gross 1394 Optical Aviator Glasses
1394 Optical Aviator Glasses

The 1970s saw a breaking of the class system in the UK, with the nouveau-riche taking their place amongst the great and the good in London. Self-made entrepreneurs and entertainers wore clothing and eyewear which reflected their extravagant lifestyles and newfound status in British culture. Inspired by the original 0927 and 0995 from the Cutler and Gross archive, the 1394 is an alternative to the subtle acetate aviator.

The King of Navigators, with a double bridge, square shape, and bold proportions, the 1394 stands out and dares to be different. A faithful recreation of a place in time, re-engineered with new hardware and manufacturing processes, the 1394 can be worn in numerous different ways allowing the true character of the wearer to shine through.

1395 Optical Round Glasses

Cutler and Gross 1395 Optical Round Glasses
1395 Optical Round Glasses

The 1395 is inspired by the trailblazing fashion designer Thea Porter – the Queen of Bohemian fashion in the 1970 whose atelier was in Greek St, Soho, London. Porter dressed the era’s musical icons, including Jimmi Hendrix, The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Diana Ross. She was responsible for introducing that staple of Bohemian fashion, the Kaftan to the West. Porter mixed fabrics and traditional clothing from the Middle East with its bright and vibrant textures which injected life and colour into the grey concrete backdrop of 1970s London. Oversized with extravagance, muted and tonal in colouring, the 1395 reflects the tenets of Bohemian fashion. A large round with a low bridge drawing the observer in like the plunge neckline of a kaftan. High set hinges complete the vintage look with comfort interior milling and rounded bevelling give a smooth external finish.

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