Cutting Edge Materials Utilized in Adlens Focuss Eyewear

Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, celebrated Vision Expo East 2016 by revealing two exciting new frame styles for AdlensFocuss™.


Chroma 3

The new styles, Chroma and Echo, were designed by the preeminent frame designer Dr. Blake Kuwahara, President at Focus Group West, utilizing a new set of cutting edge materials. As well as giving patients more frame options to choose from, the use of magnesium in place of aluminum in key internal components delivers greater comfort and durability.



Adlens is the world’s first prescription adjustable focus eyewear. It features Variable Power Optics (VPO™) technology that mimics the eye’s natural behavior and allows patients to adjust their vision between near, intermediate and distance. VPO technology offer wearers an unprecedented field of vision, providing four times more usable lens area than the best progressive lenses available.

Both Chroma and Echo will be available in four different colors, giving eight new options in total.

David Eichelberger, Senior Vice President of Variable Power Optics at Adlens, said: “The technology that AdlensFocuss uses is revolutionary, and this incredible lens functionality deserves to be teamed with frames that will flatter the wearer. “We’ve already had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to AdlensFocuss and we’re excited to reveal the new generation frames.”

Blake Kuwahara said: “I designed Chroma and Echo to offer the wearer comfort and cutting-edge style. Both are carefully sculpted with graduated curvatures, tumbled for up to 72 hours and then polished to give each frame a custom finish.”

The positive reaction to AdlensFocuss is available to hear first-hand in ‘The Focuss Experience’, an exclusive short film that captures testimonials from the very first wearers of AdlensFocuss.

About Adlens
Co-founded in 2005 in Oxford, England by investor and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens is the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, eyecare professionals and designers has developed a completely new category of vision correction. Adlens is a commercial business with a social soul. Vision for a Nation® is the innovative foundation partnered with Adlens that runs a charitable programme, aiming to provide universal access to eyewear one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda.

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