Danshari Presents The New Exclusive Dansharian Collection “Armenian Soul

Dansharian Armenian Soul temple

It’s called “Armenian Soul” the new collection of Dansharian brand and it bears the signature of Alain Miklitarian – the creative genius who revolutionized the concept of eyewear. It is the new and exclusive line created by DANSHARI, the Made in Japan company that takes inspiration from the Zen philosophy and the concepts of essentiality, minimalism, and design.

In Armenia – land of origin of the designer – the suffix “IAN” indicates paternity, therefore “son of …”.

Hence Dansharian, a brand born from the collaboration between Danshari and Alain Miklitarian: minimalism meets genius. A collection that combines style and simplicity, conceived and designed by Alain with great passion.

« Il y avait les lunettes avant Alain et il y a la lunette après Alain »

The names of the models represent a real trip to Armenia, among some of Alain Miklitarian’s favorite places which were of real inspiration to him: GOSH, a village perched at 1200m with its 12th-century monastery; GARNI, a town of 7,000 inhabitants, with a Roman temple and Roman baths, with green gorges and a basalt canyon; ARENI, where you can taste Armenian wine; TACHIR, ancient royal city; GORIS and its landscapes refer us to the origins of the world; ARZNI with its thermal springs and SEVAN with its magnificent lake that decreases every year, an extraordinary light over the seasons.

The colors are inspired by Armenia’s nature, climate, and culture. The shades blend naturally with lavender, gold, enamels, and earthy colors: neon green with rusty reds, greys with blacks and champagnes, a dive into the colorful Armenian culture.

Sober materials and colors were chosen for this collection, with flashes of color that express the joy of living in this wonderful country. Black and white, the perfection of purity, with waves embroidered on the temples and on the front.

Dansharian Armenian Soul black and white

Alain Miklitarian plays with colors and shapes, in a precise way, without compromising with fashion, respecting his vision and his idea of ​​eyewear, with absolute consistency.

The laminated temples are made of acetate with a colored titanium core to capture the light with discretion and delicacy, as happens in these villages and cities located between 1100 m and 1900 m of altitude. Because Armenia is a country perched on its rocks.

The fronts are sober, and classic, with sculpted volumes and corners. Every detail has a precise meaning in Alain Miklitarian’s art.

The “Armenian Soul” collection consists of seven models – six optical frames and one sunglass. Two of the prescription models and the sunglasses are in Limited Edition, in two color versions of only 222 numbered pieces. The other four frames are available in three color variants.

Dansharian presents a patent in a world premiere, FTS (Flat Temple System), which allows the perfect overlap of the temples without causing tension or deformation.

Dansharian Flat Temple System

A new campaign has been studied for the launch of this collection, one of the images of the campaign represents a red egg.

The egg is undoubtedly the most minimal and perfect shape existing in nature. So perfect that it can stay in balance even if this seems physically impossible due to its rounded circumference.

The egg is minimalism and absolute beauty, and the secret of this collection is the search for the perfection of its shapes. In Armenia, the red egg is an Easter tradition: it represents the blood of Christ shed to allow life to continue. Today it is a much more widespread symbol, of good omen, prosperity, and perfection. The red color represents joy and beauty. Hard-boiled eggs are prepared for this holiday, and traditionally, they are colored red, with a natural method: cooking them in a broth of red onion skins. The egg also symbolizes the four elements: the shell is the sky, its membrane the air, the albumen is the water, and the yolk is the earth. In Armenia, most of the eggs are still colored red.

The “Armenian Soul” collection by Dansharian is a mix of Armenian culture, French design, Japanese technology, and Made in Italy manufacturing. Danashari will be exhibiting the new collection at SILMO Paris next week at Stand 5AP114.

About Danshari

Danshari – an eyewear brand Made in Japan, created by Giuseppe La Boria – made its debut on the market at the beginning of 2020 with an exclusive collection made of acetate and pure Japanese titanium. Danshari offers extremely light and flexible frames, with a refined and elegant design. In line with the Zen Minimalist philosophy that inspires the brand, the collection is designed to offer the consumer timeless eyewear capable of satisfying their only true desire: the natural need for beauty, quality, and essentiality.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024