De Rigo Rem Reminds Parents of “The Kids Promise”

DeRigo REM The Kids Promise

One of the most common questions from parents purchasing eyewear for their children is “don’t you have anything cheaper?” While families are certainly watching their budgets a bit more closely due to the rising prices of almost everything, experienced parents know that no matter how often you tell a child to take good care of anything, they will treat it like stale toast crust when the next shiny thing or idea that comes along.

That means that new jacket, water bottle, watch, or even eyeglasses will be left on the playground somewhere or stepped on or broken by roughhousing. So why spend a lot of money when their eyeglasses are not something with a long life expectancy? The answer from any optician who has been around is asking the parents a question, “how well do you want your child to see?”

The folks at De Rigo Rem are making the discussion about getting good eyewear for children a little easier this Back To School season with their “The Kids Promise”. “The Kid’s Promise” – a unique program that provides buyers 100% unconditional protection against loss and breakage on all Kid’s frames for one year from the date of purchase. Each Fila Kid’s, GAP Kid’s or Lucky Kid frame order includes a Kid’s Promise Membership Card.

Alessandro Baronti, De Rigo Rem CEO and a parent himself says, “De Rigo Rem stands behind the quality of the frames we offer. We know accidents happen, and childhood is wonderfully messy, and that is why we want to support parents and caregivers by replacing any kid’s frame in the Kid’s Promise Program. We don’t want the fear of a broken or lost frame to get in the way of allowing childhood to be full of fun and play.”

While the lenses are not covered, “The Kids Promise” program is a big step in helping ease parents’ discomfort in getting nice things for their children. After all, a child’s education is one of the most important things a parent can do for their children. For more information, contact your De Rigo REM representative or visit their Suite at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.

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