DITA Eyewear Partners With Kirby Chambliss

A definition you can’t own, you can only achieve. And DITA has achieved over 20 years. Since 1995, DITA has found inspiration in the international circuit of automotive and aviation design, and the individuals who have pushed boundaries within these finely crafted machines. First commemorating this fascination with DITA’s best-selling FLIGHT-SERIES and later within the MACH-SERIES, DITA encourages designers to experiment with ideas, technology, and materials outside the realm of modern eyewear.

With an eye to the future, DITA continues this philosophy, taking feedback from experts who are singular in their field. Pressure testing products in the most extreme conditions where the finest margins help achieve greatness. DITA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kirby Chambliss developing products that meet the demanding specifications and lifestyle of his.

As a child, Kirby Chambliss was always playing and running around with airplanes and at only 13 years old he began flying. Chambliss’ love for aerobatics saw him train to perfect his skills and he has accumulated 13 medals in world competition with the U.S. National Aerobatic Team. By the early 2000’s, Kirby was recognized as one of the top aerobatic pilots in the world and competed in the very first Red Bull Air Race. He transferred his explosive, aggressive flying style to the racetrack and is now a two time Red Bull Air Race World Champion.

“DITA has always had a passion for innovation and aviation design. We are thrilled to work with Kirby Chambliss to develop new products with ingenuity that push the limits of high-end optical craft and design.” — Micky Dhillon, CEO of DITA

“It’s a great honor to partner with DITA Eyewear. I’m excited to be a part of their team to assist in the development of products geared towards those passionate about aviation.” — Kirby Chambliss


DITA has had the unique pleasure of serving the world’s most discerning clientele, challenging the old guard, and forging singular relationships within culture style, entertainment, and reaffirming the brand’s position as individual as the products, it creates.

We believe there is natural beauty. And beauty that is orchestrated. Considered, crafted, and constructed. And while you will never see all virtues in the traditional sense.

You will always feel it’s relevance when you hold it in your hands.

For more information, visit DITA’s website.

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