Doing Your Job vs Caring About Your Job

Let’s talk customer service for a minute. There is a BIG difference between someone doing their job and someone who cares about their job. As I am headed to New York for Vision Expo East, I went to my Southwest App on my phone to check in the day yesterday. The process went smoothly as it usually does, except for the fact I noticed I didn’t have the TSA Pre-check symbol above the ticket QR code. Strange, I paid for TSA PreCheck several years ago for that convenience. I even upgraded last year to the Global Entry program so I could enjoy the same expedited advantages on my trip to MIDO.

I called Southwest and after waiting on hold for about 7 minutes, a pleasant enough woman asked me my flight details and when I inquired as to why my ticket didn’t show TSA PreCheck, she checked my account and said she saw my Global Entry number but that sometimes TSA arbitrarily chooses people to go through the normal and more crowded regular security line. Really? I have never heard of such a thing. Taking my shoes off is certainly not the end of the world, for me or for those around me, I assure you. It just seemed strange to me to go through the added security checks and pay the government money for an expedited pass to have them choose to send me through normal security at the roll of a dice. She then said that perhaps m Global Entry was under a different name than on my ticket. I told her it had worked on every trip I’ve taken since VEW, to The After Party, to Cuba, and even Italy and back. She said there was nothing she could do and that was the end of the conversation.

While packing last night, I grabbed my Global Entry card to call Southwest one more time. Again, I waited on hold, but as I was packing, never really noticed the time. When the customer service agent answered the phone she gave me her name quickly and I asked her to repeat it, as I like to address people b name if I can. “Miracle” she repeated. When I repeated my concern about the TSA PreCheck to her, she looked me up and said she saw the Global Entry number. She then asked me my birthdate. When I gave it to her, she said “Boom” there was the problem. Somehow Southwest registered me as being 3 years younger than I actually am.  While I thanked them for trying to shave a few years off my age, the discrepancy, of course, didn’t match the government document and once corrected, the TSA PreCheck symbol appeared on my boarding pass and all was right in the travel world.

She then noticed my birthday was just two days away and wished me a happy birthday. Why am I relaying this story to you? Yes, Southwest will receive the same letter or commendation for Miracle. The reason I shared this story was to share the difference between someone just doing their job and someone who cared about their job, being a customer service agent, for Southwest. Miracle made my trip easier. Miracle made me think even better about Southwest Airlines. The previous customer service agent was counting down the hours or minutes until her shift was over. Miracle counted another satisfied customer.

Which one are you? Which one do you hire in your store or practice?

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024