Dolce, a New Romantic Temple Line in LineArt CHARMANT

CHARMANT has unveiled a brand new temple style: “Dolce” for 2015 from its signature brand LineArt CHARMANT. As the name Dolce indicates, the new styles have been designed for the independent, self-confident women interested in expressing the sweet and tender side of their personality.

Dolce embraces and enhances the wearer’s femininity from every angle. With a melody all its own, our newest temple line romances wearers with its heart-like shape, expressing “dolce e con affetto,” or tender with affection.

XL 2063_PU
Style XL 2063

This newest temple line consists of two delicate Excellence Titan strands that intertwine and form a horizontal heart, beautiful and eye-catching from all angles. A three-dimensional design, the finished look produces just a touch of romantic atmosphere.

The sleek strands are accented with beautifully shaped knots, adding an extra element of visual intrigue, as well as strength and stability for the wearer. This unprecedented and delicate design is achieved by CHARMANT’s unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative technology.

XL 2064_BU
Style XL2014
XL 2066_BK
Style 2066

Excellence Titan= The material represents the next generation of eyewear and is the latest results of CHARMANT’s continuing and dedicated research and development. 100% nickel-free, with outstanding processability and special memory functions that help eyewear maintain the original shape; it is an ideal material for eyewear that provides both unlimited design possibilities and superior wearing comfort. The Charmant Group’s product line made ofExcellence Titan offers amazing lightness, a gentle touch with hardly any pressure felt, while at the same time making an ultramodern fashion statement.

Adaptive nose pad
New innovative nose pads are introduced into LineArt CHARMANT with the Dolce temple line. These new nose pads gradually change shape to conform to the wearer’s nose. This technology is called ‘adaptive effect’ and utilizes the wearer’s body heat to shape the pad for a personalized fit. After a certain period of time (normally around 2 weeks to 1 month), the ability to change gradually wears off and the pad thereafter keeps the adapted shape.

Style 2065 is a non- rimless look with the same elegant detailing.

XL 2065_NV
Style XL 2065

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