Dragon Alliance Goggles

Dragon Alliance®, a globally recognized, performance eyewear brand with deep ties to the action sports world, today announced its new groundbreaking goggle featuring state-of-the-art lens

Employing Dragon’s patented Panotech lens shape and frameless goggle design, the PXV offers an unrestricted 220-degree field of view, giving skiers and snowboarders the widest peripheral spectrum on the market.

The PXV goggle utilizes Dragon’s established family of Lumalens® Color Optimized lenses for wearers to navigate the wide range of conditions. Engineered to increase clarity, color recognition, and depth perception while simultaneously reducing eye fatigue, Lumalens colors will only add to the PXV experience. In addition to the benefits of Lumalens, each PXV lens is treated with a super anti-fog application and hard-coated to protect against scratching. Polarized replacement lenses are also available.

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