E- Commerce via Shopify

The headlines: Shopify IPO Soars; Co. Valuation at $1.89 Billion (2015)…. yet another company that had not made a dime that is valued at over $1 Billion. If you don’t know Shopify, they are a tech company who helps small and mid-sized retailers build e-commerce sites.

If you think that Shopify is just for e-tailers, think again as brick and mortar eyecare professionals have used Shopify to power their sites.

Shopify-Eyewear Envy


Add in a online eyewear companies such as: Waybu Sunglasses, Giving Tree Eyewear, Hotel dVille, Holloway Eyewear.

Today is easier than ever to develop a website that you can sell on. Word Press, Facebook, Pinterest all offer Shopping Carts, Payment options are numerous.. it is something to consider.

The question is not really about using Shopify, the question is whether or not you want to develop your e-commerce site.


Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - The Optical Journal