Earth Day Eyecare Award Goes To Leff Optical

Over the years we have posted numerous ways to recycle eyewear and lenses. But I have to say, that our Earth Day Award goes to Leff Optical for his Eyeglass Motorcycle. This is amazing and it took over 50 hours to put together this work of art.

One has to admire the creativity that goes into making this. First the idea, gathering the parts, putting it together, incredible. This is made from the many broken eyeglasses lying around the optical shop.

Eyeglass frame front is folded in half to create frame.
The rear Fender made from 2 antique temples.
Seat made from 3 different temples
Battery tray and headlights made from 2 – 6mm cubic zarconias with blue led to light them up.

The Exhaust made from tortoise temples. The Working shift lever changes motor color from red, blue or green. The Gas tank is made from high + lens.

Kudo’s to Leff Optical for this brilliant recycling effort!