Eco – Better For The Planet

Eco Earth Day 2021

To celebrate Earth Day, Eco’s Better for the Planet campaign is doubling up and planting 2 trees for every purchased frame. With your help, Eco has planted more than 2.5 million trees.

Frames that matter

Eco is all about thinking new. Not only when it comes to the design, but also for the materials we use. To create our biobased frames, castor seeds are turned into castor seed oil and then pellets, which make up a big part of their biobased material. their recycled frames are crafted using 95% recycled metal. Now that’s a serious saving on natural resources! The latest member in the material family is Eco Ocean, created from recycled ocean-based plastic. So far, they’ve cleared over 30 tons – because plastic has no place in the ocean! And last but not least: all of Eco’s cases and packaging are of course made from sustainable materials like cornstarch and recycled PET. Big changes come in the form of many small ones!

Eco Wade
Eco Wade


Pantos shape? ✓… Curved top bowline? ✓… Keyhole bridge? ✓… Made from repurposed ocean plastic? ✓….. In your cart? ✓! These sunnies have non-polarized lenses.

Eco Heather
Eco Heather

Sharper than a knife: high angled brows, lenses that pop. These frames are full of personality and will be sure to make you the main event wherever you are. The Heather is one of the best designs in the world? It’s part of the Eco® Recycled collection and has been awarded with German Design Award!

Eco Jilin
Eco Jilin

Let your true colors shine with Jilin. The exaggerated oval shape combined with a thicker frame allows more room for the color to pop. Such colors include Nude, Light Teal, Brown Tortoise, and Black. Biobased is sometimes always better.

About Eco:

Making a difference starts with making better choices. That’s why Eco made it their mission to use sustainable recycled metal, castor seed oil, and now ocean-based plastics in thier Eco frames. Because all big changes come in the form of many small ones. See the entire line on their website


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