Eco Friendly Wood Eyewear By WooDone

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WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes. Each wood eyewear model is carved from a single panel composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. Thanks to a special system that keeps the grain of the wood intact, maintaining its original continuity, these materials are used to cut the temples and the front of the glasses. This continuity is not even broken by the insertion of flex hinges, produced from a special alloy that guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality. They are free of screws, smooth to the touch and completely invisible externally, in order to exalt the natural characteristics of the raw material.


The glasses – which can feature both prescription and sun lenses – are not coloured, since the simple beauty of wood is highlighted by the special lacquer used for their finishing which makes them resistant, environmentally friendly and anallergic. All of this encapsulated in a frame that weighs just 13 grams.


The pristine landscapes of the Dolomites inspire shapes that are influenced by the most contemporary fashion trends, which are redesigned to combine them with the natural beauty of wood. Squared and well-defined shapes are combined to softer and more feminine shapes in the natural colours of Alto Adige wood: coppery brown walnut, golden cherry wood and warm black acacia. They are a tribute to nature, the first real designer of these exclusive glasses, which come to life on the skin of the wearer, taking on unique tones and carrying their history with them, like an innate memory.


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