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Eco Friendly Markers and Whiteboards

Do You use Whiteboard and Dry Eraser Markers? If you do- Try switching to Aus Pens – an Eco- Friendly dry eraser who will save you money and the environment! The best part- they are refillable (saving from landfills the millions of Marker’s thrown away every year.

Eye Bogglers:

  • Disposable whiteboard markers use xylene, a very harmful chemical, significantly increasing the toxicity levels in offices and all workspaces. They stink!
  • Disposable whiteboard markers are one of the top sources of toxic waste in schools and offices.
  • North American teachers will throw out over 500 million whiteboard markers into their local landfills.
  • Disposable whiteboard markers clog our local landfills with toxic chemicals and millions of PVC cylinders that will never biodegrade.

Whiteboard Markers

  • Aus Pens– non-toxic and xylene free- Their Motto- Refill Not Landfill-  Using Aus Pens can save you up to 70% in your dry eraser budget .


  • Quartet Envi Whiteboard- (and bulletin boards)