Electric Eyes From the Past: February

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Electric Eye Hunts, Fights Flames; From Modern Mechanix Feb. 1932
THE eye in the grotesque head shown above is equipped with a photo-electric cell and it is constantly roving, up and down, side to side, over the screen. When it “sees” a fire, a jet of carbon dioxide spurts from the mouth until the blaze is extinguished. This fire fighting apparatus, recently developed, is especially designed for use in store rooms where combustibles are kept.


Electric Eye Reveal Ad in Mirror; Modern Mechanix Feb. 1943

Designed to be installed in the lobbies of hotels and public buildings, a new advertising device offers a passer-by a chance to inspect his appearance in a mirror, and invites him to take a folder from a pile on a shelf. When he reaches for a folder, he unwittingly interrupts a beam of light that falls upon a photo-electric cell. Brilliant lights automatically flash on behind the mirror, which is now seen to be transparent, and illuminate an advertisement within the cabinet for a predetermined period of time.