Engage Patients And Customers At The LOL Level

Outtakes on Optical

There’s a new kid on the block that’s contending for a novel approach to practice marketing. At first glance, it appears heretical, but upon consideration has many merits.

Outtakes On Optical contends that not all practice marketing needs to be a professional starched shirt. At times, amusing eye care outtakes can resonate with patients far more than straight-up patient education – and should be mixed in. For example: “Be kind, work hard, wear killer sunglasses.” In the end, the desired ECP outcome is achieved, just by a different route.

They refer to it as Mind Shift Marketing – indirect appeals that produce positive outcomes.

Hence Outtakes On Optical set themselves to designing cheeky merchandise dedicated to the 3Os, which can be used to engage patients at the LOL level.

Some of the cheek is fashion-inspired, seeking to raise awareness among this group. For e.g. “I wear sunglasses because squinting is not a trend.”

Some designs speak to the profession in an entertaining, yet favorable manner. For e.g. “Mom Optom: nothing scares me” set against a Superman symbol.

Some are insider jokes that only ECPs will understand, and are intended for their amusement only. For e.g. “I don’t always play video games. As an Optician, I’m already ambidextrous.”

I don’t always play video games. As an Optician I’m already ambidextrous.

Designs are available as apparel, athletic wear, accessories, tech gear, housewares and as wall art for the dispensary.

Outtakes On Optical (or O3 as they call themselves) is challenging the 3Os to add in some outtakes along with patient education. They assert that it’s a marketing mind shift that works – because such amusing outtakes are far more engaging, patients are sure to recall their practice more easily and recall their rules of thumb more readily. They stick.

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