ENGO Eyewear Introduces ENGO 2

Engo sports performance eyewear

ENGO Eyewear, a leading manufacturer of connected eyewear for endurance athletes, today unveiled ENGO 2, the lightest, and most technologically advanced eyewear created specifically for endurance athletes. Developed to provide instant, intuitive, real-time access to performance data directly in the natural field of view, ENGO 2 features advanced ActiveLook 2.0 technology. ENGO 2 also offers industry-leading battery life and can be used for 10-12 consecutive hours before being recharged, and weighs just 36 grams for the standard size – the lightest HUD on the market.

ENGO 2 eliminates the need for athletes to break stride or slow down to look at a watch or cycling computer. For endurance athletes, this can be a significant advantage over the course of a marathon or triathlon. In addition, ENGO 2’s touchless gesture control makes it easy to toggle between custom data screens by waving a hand in front of the lens.

Available in two sizes to fit a variety of face shapes, ENGO 2’s frameless design comes with ENGO Eyewear’s 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure a comfortable, secure fit, and a clear, stable view of the user’s data. ENGO 2 also features high-definition optics, moisture and dust resistance, impact protection, and 100% ultraviolet protection.

“The ActiveLook 2.0 technology embedded in ENGO 2 gives users greater ability to customize the data projected into their field of view based on what is most useful to them,” said Eric Marcellin-Dibon, ENGO Eyewear CEO. “Garmin users now have the ability to connect an array of compatible watches and cycling computers and configure and view custom data fields directly in ENGO 2.”

ENGO 2 Heads-Up Display eyewear

“ENGO eyewear gives you real-time control. You can glance at it—you’re not having to stare at the numbers the entire time,” said Paul Thomas, gravel racer and ENGO Eyewear customer. “They’re really helpful. By having real-time control, you never go into the red. With these ENGO, I’m faster, safer, and a more confident rider.”

“By having your pace always available at a glance, there’s no need to question ‘is your exertion correct? Is your pace correct?’ It’s right in front of you,” said 7-time Boston Marathon runner, Pam Nisevich-Bede. “Having the data in real-time can give you confidence with executing the plan because anytime you can chip away at that properly designed plan and see it come to life, confidence just builds.”


About ENGO Eyewear

Founded in Grenoble, France, ENGO Eyewear is the leader in connected eyewear for endurance athletes. Its ActiveLook® microdisplay technology, recognized with an Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021, is the first product of its kind to provide a clear and stable display in ambient daylight conditions, is very lightweight, and has best-in-class battery life. Learn more at www.engoeyewear.com.

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