Lensbox Launches 480+ First-to-Market, Bricks and Clicks

Lensbox EyeDocs

Lensbox, an optometry-led and funded eye healthcare technology company, that digitalizes the practice of eyecare beyond clinic walls, announced the launch of 480+ Lensbox EyeDocs™. The bricks and clicks technology is fully automated and first-to-market patient experience centers, that seamlessly integrate with the Lensbox first-to-market app, tying in tele-optometry, e-commerce, and point-of-sale technology for eyewear retail.

Lensbox was launched in 2018, by doctors of optometry, and CEO and co-founder, Sheila Sanaz Bissonnette, a former global M&A executive at Essilor-Luxottica, who spear-headed e-commerce acquisitions. Bissonnette left the company in 2018 and started Lensbox, to ensure eyecare services and e-commerce are delivered with the health and safety of patients in mind. Equally important to Bissonnette was her mission for eyecare professionals to own the most advanced virtual eyecare technology in the market, so that they can compete in an increasingly digitalized world.

“Sanaz has consistently advocated for eyecare patients and professionals and has worked diligently to innovate the eyecare space,” says Dr. Matt Michniewicz, optometrist, and Lensbox Director of Optometric Partnerships. “Under her leadership, we have developed first-to-market technologies for practitioners, flipping the script in the eyecare industry, placing eyecare professionals back in the driver’s seat. It’s thrilling to see her vision come to life with a compliant technology, which offers the most accurate, in-app eyecare assessments in the world, without the use of rulers or credit card (current practice), as well as many other AI-powered diagnostics tools and high-quality eyecare products.”

Lesbox EyeDocs

Lensbox EyeDocs™ apps, web-based platform, and point-of-sale technology are all integrated in a first-to-market, proprietary suite of products, designed, owned, and funded by independent doctors of optometry. Lensbox takes care of all the backend logistics, marketing, compliance, and operations while offering remote tele-optometry and memorable patient experiences.

The technology is approved, built, and funded by doctors of optometry for practice growth, and as an extension of their services in key locations to grow new market segments.

“EyeDocs is taking a traditional brick and mortar optometry practice and bringing it to the digital age, allowing ECPs to flourish and compete with the online world,” says Dr. Sunil Parekh, Optometrist and Lensbox Investor. “The commodification of eye care products, mass industry consolidations, and unregulated e-commerce players, has exacerbated the economic and societal cost of vision loss and made it difficult for ECPs to thrive, as independent practitioners and small business owners. ECPs can now be market leaders with this technology.” Validated by government grants, private foundations, and schools of optometry, the Lensbox EyeDocs™ Initiative serves to grow the entire eyecare market, by catalyzing tele-optometry and eyecare e-commerce services, in high-potential locations, like family medicine practices, pharmacies, university campuses, and remote, marginalized communities by end of Q2.

“Doctors of Optometry spend much of their career in a dark room, serving patients so that we can all see the world better. They need to be valued and supported in every way so that as small business owners they can thrive,” says Sanaz Bissonnette, CEO of Lensbox.

Bissonnette’s introduction to the eyecare industry came in 2012, through a lived experience as a business student attending college. “I was trying to get access to my prescription to buy glasses online through our student benefits. It turned out I didn’t need a prescription and I could self-prescribe contacts and glasses. With a little digging, I learned that most vision loss is due to a lack of diagnosis and treatments of eye conditions. It seemed that by cutting eye care professionals out of the purchase cycle, eyecare patients were being put at risk. It’s great to be able to bring this technology to market and serve doctors and patients, at the same time.” You can pre-order EyeDocs™ HERE.

About Lensbox: Lensbox is an optometry-led and ECP-funded eye healthcare technology company, that develops first-to-market products, designed by independent doctors of optometry, for ECPs to digitalize the practice of eyecare beyond the clinic. As an aggregator and marketplace, Lensbox connects suppliers, manufacturers, ECPs, and consumers with a wide range of price-competitive eye-related products and services.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024