Erkers1879 Introduces Four Sunglasses to their Roman Numeral V Collection

Erkers1879 Sunglasses 2023

Broadening their line of luxury sunglasses, Erkers1879 announces the addition of four new sunglass models to their family-owned heritage brand, introducing three women’s and one men’s sunglass to the Roman Numeral V Collection. Handcrafted using biodegradable cellulose acetate, each frame is lightweight, comfortable, and made to last a lifetime.

From the large silhouettes to the thicker rims and temples, the Erkers leaned into 2023’s trend of dramatic oversized eyewear when designing their Winter release. The three women’s sunglasses, Dutchtown, Twin Oaks, and Fox Park, each feature a large square silhouette with rounded edges, creating a dramatic feminine look. Balancing the oversized shapes, each frame is designed in four colors from the brand’s subdued-modern palette, blending neutrals and pastels for a timeless, elegant style.

Erkers1879 FoxPark
Erkers1879 Dutchtown
Erkers1879 Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks

The men’s sunglass, Moline, was specially designed by Jack Erker III for himself to wear. Moline was built with a strong, masculine shape and ultra-thick temples, complemented by natural tones for a bold yet classic look. This model was designed in three translucent colors, Crystal, Whiskey Neat, and Barrel Proof, two of which are new to the brand and exclusive to this model. Contrasting the crystal styles, Moline is also available in Black, designed with a high gloss inside to juxtapose the outside’s silky matte finish.

Erkers1879 Moline

As a family-owned business with 144 years in the industry, the Erkers use even the smallest of details to tell their family’s story. Three authentic stainless-steel rivets can be found on the temples of each sunglass, representing the three Erkers working on the design while also adding durability and strength to the frame. Each sunglass features a light etching of the brand name in the left lens, as well as their year of inception on the right temple jacket. As the first sunglasses added to Roman Numeral V, each temple tip has a gold emblem of the letter V to signify the collection.

About Erkers1879

Erkers1879 is a family-owned heritage brand of premium, handcrafted eyewear. Based in St. Louis, Erkers1879 has been a leader within the optical industry for over 144 years, dedicated to the craft of beautiful, high-quality eyewear. At the start, the Erkers were known for making anything with a lens, though they later turned their focus towards eyewear. The company is now run by the 5th generation of Erkers, Jack III and Tony Erker.

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