eRrivals Takes The Hassle Out Of Patient Arrivals

As if most medical practices didn’t have enough to deal with, the coronavirus added a number of stresses to the daily operation of all our businesses. Waiting rooms? Not these days. The waiting room for Optometrists, Dentists, Oncologists, and  Obstetricians is each patient’s car. Protecting the health of staff, patients, and loved ones is paramount during this pandemic and are something we are all dealing with on a daily basis.

How many practices are asking everyone who walks through their threshold whether they have any of the symptoms or COVID-19, including the more embarrassing questions like diarrhea? How many times have you asked every patient if they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-like symptoms? How many times have you asked if a patient has been tested or if anyone in their household has been tested or asked to quarantine?

As it turns out the 3-5 minutes you and your staff spend asking everyone patient these same questions add up to many hours a day. Hours that could be put to better use doing paperwork, doing exams, and selling eyewear. An Optometrist in New Mexico, Dr. Daniel Dieterichs, with the help of his two tech-savvy daughters have come up with an answer to help businesses make the most of the parking lot waiting room with their new app, eRrivals.

eRrivals is an app your patients and customers can download for free from the iTunes or Google Play Stores that allow customers to check-in from their cars, answer all the mandated questions, and be entered into an encrypted contract tracing database, should you ever need to reach back out to customers at a later date.

The app was designed to be easy to read and easy to use. Best of all, it will same most practices many hours a week of tedious questioning and virtual interrogation of patients and customers. The app can even be used to link to a landing page on your website to market to your patients and customers when they are most likely to purchase.

Using the app, you can send a push notification to your patient when you are ready for their appointment or based on the answers to the questions, ask them to reschedule for a later date, without exposing you or your staff to potential exposure. Check out eRrivals on their website.

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