eSight Eyewear Allowing The Legally Blind To See

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One one most intriguing vendors at Vision Expo West was eSight Corporation, a technology company focused on solutions for the blind. eSight eyewear calls themselves ‘the first intelligent eyewear that enables people with low vision or legal blindness to actually see’

eSight-eyewear-with-M3-FLooking much like over prescription sunglasses, eSight eyewear uses an advanced, high- resolution video camera to capture what the wearer is looking at and delivers those video images to a controller with a highly sophisticated computer. The images are processed and then in real-time, projected onto two LED screens inside the eSight eyewear. In this way, eSight provides as near-normal vision as one’s condition allows. eSight has been shown to help people with Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Stargardt’s Disease, Ocular Albinism and other low vision conditions. It is best suited for visual acuity between 20/60-20/400 (legal blindness is 20/200).

eSight eyewear is mobile, hands free and it auto adapts to work effectively with near, mid and far sighted tasks. It is now available to try on at select low vision clinics, including Chicago Lighthouse. To book a demo, email [email protected] or call 855-8eS-ight (855-837-4448).

About eSight Corporation

eSight (@eSightCorp) is an Ottawa, Canada based technology company that develops intelligent eyewear for people challenged by degenerative eye diseases. eSight is primarily focused on eSight eyewear, assistive technology that helps people with low vision lead more independent lives at home and at work. eSight Corp was founded by Conrad Lewis, a Canadian technology entrepreneur who was personally touched by the profound impact of Stargardt’s Disease on two of his sisters.



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