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Which planet will we deliver to future generations?

Producers of creativity. Essedue makes eyewear from natural raw materials. And they gather the beauty of nature to make it a fundamental accessory of our life. Earth is in peril. Its beauty is being spoiled day after day because of our behavior. This is why Essedue has decided to take small actions, starting from rewriting its mission.

Every decision they make is a sign of their commitment to defining the future of eyewear and the planet. Essedue’s mission is to work to become more and more an aware and resilient company in the containment of waste and committed to the development of a circular economy.

The new Fall/Winter 2020/2021 campaign responds to this intention. It is inspired by water, the main principle of life, and by the consequences of pollution on the seas. The campaign images have glaciers as a background, as a symbol of life, and of the difficult state they are in nowadays.

The Essedue Fall/Winter 2020/2021 sun collection is Limited Edition. Limited Edition means a numbered collection, but also a limited stock. It means containment of waste through a limited number of Essedue spectacles produced; reducing the introduction of material in nature; the processing of the strictly necessary cellulose acetate; optimization in the use of cellulose acetate.

In order to change and save the planet, it is not only necessary to reduce waste but also to innovate. And it is precisely with innovation that Essedue’s research and development department is working to create a circular microeconomy capable of giving a new boost to the sector.

For two years Essequadro, the company that owns the brand Essedue, and the National Research Centre have been involved in the OsCAR project: a circular economy project for the production of cellulose acetate from cigarette waste, which is extremely present in our streets and seas but difficult to recycle.

Starting from 2021 Essequadro will be able to produce the first spectacles made of cellulose acetate extracted from recycled cigarette butts. And on that occasion, Essedue will have its Green Totally capsule.

It will be the dawn of a new season: eco-sustainable eyewear. Low impact production is another point on which Essedue wants to innovate. To do this, Essedue has decided to set up an action plan to make our energy impact greener and reduce the contribution of polluting materials to the production of their packaging.

Life’s what you make it
la vita è ciò che ne fai


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