Essilor® Sun Solution™ No Ordinary Story

Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun lenses, announces the new No Ordinary story “Aquitain Challenge” which involves two young French students – Edgar and Aurélien – who walked from the beaches of Le Verdon-sur-mer to those of Anglet in one month last summer in order to collect rubbish, raise awareness about damage to the environment and participate in scientific research on microplastics.

Spending most of their time close to nature and the ocean, this duo is confronted with the contamination of wildlife and flora each time they go surfing. A year ago, the two friends created their association, 4P Shore and Seas, to combine their passion for surfing with their commitment to the environment and their scientific knowledge. The association’s goal is to participate in cleaning up the world’s coastlines while increasing awareness among the population through rubbish collection events on beaches.

“Last year we were on two different continents, Europe and South America, Aurel on the Atlantic Ocean and me in the Pacific Ocean, and we realized that in both there was a lot of contamination. So, after that all we had left was to ACT and we created our organization and this walk for the earth” Edgar said.

Pollution has a significant impact on flora, fauna, and sedimentation, as well as the quality of waves. So it was important to Edgar and Aurélien to take part in protecting the planet if they wanted to keep on living their passion. To combine surfing and rubbish collection, they built their own eco-designed trolleys. They have various compartments and contain provisions, food, clothing, photo equipment, large bags for garbage, etc. Throughout their journey, they picked up the rubbish that they encountered along the way or in areas of high contamination. Edgar and Aurélien had also set a goal of raising awareness among the population. They organized three rubbish collection sessions.

To face this challenge, appropriate technical equipment was required. Their sun lenses were the subject of particular attention and w.r.yuma frames were the perfect choice. Indeed, this brand is the first in the world to use 3D printing and recycled plastic to make eyewear. On top of this, the sun lenses featured E-Sun™ Polarfun™ by Essilor Sun Solution polarized sun lenses, the must-have technology to face a month of walking on beaches.