Ethnicity Eyewear Launches Today With The Africa Collection

Almost two years in the making, Ethnicity Eyewear launches today with the Ethnicity Eyewear African Collection.

Ethnicity has a deep belief, that we all share more similarities than differences.  While we are the same on the inside and share the same hopes and dreams, there are differences in facial shapes, colors, cultural, and ophthalmic needs.  These differences should be celebrated, not ignored.

Ethnicity realized that while we come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes; eyewear designs are almost all uniformly the same.  Eyewear has been traditionally designed for the “average” in the United States and Europe, for the Caucasian face.  Colors, sizes, shapes, temple lengths, and cultural tastes should reflect and celebrate what makes us different, not force us to be the same.

Adam Ramsey – Anissa Laval

In order to address the needs of different racial and cultural ethnicities we serve, Ethnicity Eyewear worked with stylists and trendsetters in the African-American community.  The African collection has been styled by Dr. Adam Ramsey, the owner/optometrist at Socialite Vision in Palm Beach Florida, and by Anissa Laval, the optician at The Cutting Edge of Eyewear in Berkeley California.

Ethnicity was conceived of by eyewear creator Chris Esposito in 2018 while doing sales in the United States.  As an American who after living in Japan for 25 years he was shocked that while there is such a rich cultural diversity in the US, that was not reflected in the products available.  Frustrated by not having properly fitting frames to serve his varied clientele, he began by working with his Asian designers, and Ethnicity’s Asian line was released in 2019 and with the help of Adam and Anissa, development of the African line began.

All of the frames are hand made by in Sanjo, Japan out of Japanese and Italian acetate and beta titanium. With a renewed focus on how the optical community can better serve and service our African-American population, Ethnicity Eyewear launches as just the right moment. Check them out on their website today.


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