Etnia Barcelona Presents Terra, Schoolhouse Kids Collection

It’s a fun and optimistic campaign that also compels young ones to get back to the basics of life, the earth under our toes, through a collection made up of two worlds.

Thus, the Barcelona-based brand presents a continuation of its FW20 Terra campaign. Still I rise, which uses the earth as its focal point. The earth, just like the playground, which supports our footsteps and drives us forward to when we define ourselves as adults.

Once again, Etnia is creating collections that both accompany the youngest ones on their adventures and discoveries and solidify it as an inclusive and diverse brand. It’s a place for everyone.

The Kids FW20 collection from Etnia Barcelona stands out for its ergonomic design, its comfort, and its high quality. It adapts to the needs of any age.

KIDO, made up of six unisex eyeglass models made of metal and acetate, which adapt to the constant movements of the youngest ones in your home.


Three models are made of Mazzucchelli natural acetate for kids ranging from six to nine years old, with three more in acetate and metal with adjustable nose pads, for pre-teens of 10 to 12 years old. The shapes are adaptable, simple, and comfortable, making them easy to adjust. The vibrant colors, translucent shades, and Havana tones meld together with the features that incorporate glitter, for the most fun Etnia Barcelona collection yet.


Y/A is made up of seven unisex eyeglass models made of Mazzucchelli natural acetate, which adapt to children’s development.

Trendy shapes in translucent colors and Havana tones, with features in gold, rose gold, and silver for the youngest and freshest Etnia Barcelona collection yet.


Etnia Barcelona continues its commitment to sustainability. Since its inception, the brand works with natural materials like premium quality acetate, which comes from cotton and wood, and uses mineral glass in its sunglasses collections. For its packaging, the brand uses 100% recyclable corn-based cardboard.

All of the collections are completely made in its own factories, with technologies that help reduce its environmental impact and guarantee a quality and long-lasting product, with a focus on an ethical production line.


Etnia Barcelona is an independent eyewear brand that was founded in 2001. All collections are created from start to finish by the brand’s design team, who monitor every step of the production process. What sets Etnia Barcelona apart is the use of color in each design, making it the eyewear industry’s most colorful brand. What’s more, every pair of glasses is crafted with the highest quality natural materials, such as natural acetate by Mazzucchelli and mineral crystal lenses by Barberini.

The company has offices in Barcelona, Miami, Vancouver, and Hong Kong and can be found in over 60 countries with 14,000 points of sale throughout the world. They now have their first Flagship Store, located in the iconic Born neighborhood of Barcelona.

This is a space devoted to eyewear culture that brings together the best the brand has to offer under one roof. Etnia Barcelona’s tagline #BeAnartist dares everyone to express themselves freely with their designs, without holding back. Ever since, they have been so much more than just an eyewear brand. Etnia Barcelona is color, art, and culture, but above all, they symbolize the city that has watched them thrive: Barcelona. Barcelona is a whole way of life, a place that’s open to the world: it’s all simply a question of attitude.

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