Etnia Lures Lool

Lool Eyewear - RGB Capsule

Etnia Barcelona – the luxury eyewear brand just announced they have acquired Catalan Eyewear brand, Lool Eyewear, which is built around technology and lightness.

lool is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. Their young team is from a mixture of different disciplines such as advertising, branding, design, fashion, and journalism, which enables them to have a unique and fresh vision in the field of optics.

Through this acquisition, Etnia Barcelona reaffirms its growth strategy for the optical eyewear market, growing its portfolio with an eyewear brand that boasts a technological spirit and specializes in lightweight eyewear, while also offering potential in sustainability.

Lool Line Sunglasses

Check out the entire Look like on their website

Etnia Barcelona has consolidated its position as a company focused on the optical eyewear market, with the development of both its own brands and the integration of other independent brands.

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