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Spectacles possess many positive qualities and certainly can provide enhanced vision.  Additionally, frames are a personalized accessory, and frequently bestow wearers with confidence, spirit, and self-assurance. With all these assets, eyewear frames should be conscientiously cared for, and designers have responded with creative, protective, and practical options with beautiful cases and accessories.

Nowadays, eyewear accessories for frames include fun cases, unique chains, and intriguing jewelry.  Materials include contemporary choices, plus recycled items, as the eyewear sector seeks to discover new, eco-friendly alternatives that won’t cause damage to the planet.

How often has a misplaced smartphone and specs led to deep frustration? Now there is a sleek and elegant solution created by the innovative design duo at Sol Sol Ito Eyewear in Switzerland. Monika Fink and Sandra Kaufmann have launched Read On, a pragmatic, functional, and sleek idea for smartphone users and spectacle wearers.

With the creation of Read On, the problem is solved: the slim design has collapsible glasses (available in +1.00, +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50) that tuck comfortably into a slender, ultra-light attractive phone case. With winter holidays being celebrated, Read On is the perfect gift to always have your phone and glasses at hand, and a present to be enjoyed all year long.

Read On

Karolina Lechna-Kochmanska combined her love of eyewear and her concern for the planet into a collection of intricate accessories – with lightness, individuality, and charm. The Polish entrepreneur launched Monobi, with jewelry to be worn on eyeglasses, as she believes that accessories should bring glamour, beauty, and self-expression to the wearer. “This accessory is for women who want personalization,” says Karolina.

Refinement and elegance characterize her creations, which are made of 100% recycled materials with pure silver, or 24-carat gold plating. All items are hand-made and polished in Poland. The slim, graceful chains slip on easily to a frame, creating a subtle allure. Designs also include delicate feathers, in lovely tones of violet, pink, cocoa, turquoise, and red.

Monobi – Karolina Lechna-Kochmanska

Emmanuelle Khanh relished accessories, as well as her glasses, and Eva Gaumé – now at the helm – designs beautiful vegan leather cases in exquisite colors. The roomy specs case is lined to further protect frames.  Shown in turquoise, other colors include a rich burgundy and soft camel.

Emmanuelle Khanh case

The magic, mystique, and crafts of Africa are infused in the work of Luca Gnecchi Ruscone at L.G.R, so when he decided to include eyewear chains in the collection, Ruscone contacted the Ubuntu Foundation in Kenya. A social enterprise that helps marginalized mothers who have children with special needs, the foundation believes that the most powerful way to help this community is through sustainable enterprises producing high-quality products. The women, known as “Maker Mums” create each chain entirely by hand on a beading board. When Ruscone was in Kenya earlier this year, he visited the Ubuntu Foundation and met the  “Maker Mums” who create his chains. The results are colorful, intricate, and unique beaded chains; ideal to ensure eyewear doesn’t go astray.

Any Di founder and designer Anne Dickhardt discovers inspiration for her fun, functional, and whimsical SunCovers in Nature, animals, and flowers. Her creations are striking and truly eye-catching, with charming cats; a graceful deer; a wise owl, and a cute rabbit. Dickhardt finds inspiration at the seaside too, with Sea Star a perfect example. The SunCover features a strap that can be attached to a belt loop or securely connected to the outside of a bag.

Any Di – Star SunCover

Eyewear accessories encourage individual style that can be dramatic, amusing, snazzy, and jazzy – indulge!

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