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Long before social media and digital platforms were a byword of daily life, films, magazines, and newspapers captured the lives of the famous, detailing their personal style with what they were wearing. Fast-forward to the present day of social media and its many variants, famous people from diverse walks of life have sway with what people wear and how they want to project their self-images. Nowadays, it’s not only film stars and royalty who provide style direction; the list also includes business executives, sporting heroes, and a space enthusiast.

Astronaut Alyssa Carson wearing Silhouette eyewear

Brand names are an instrumental force in customer recognition and loyalty. Amongst them is the venerable Austrian label Silhouette Eyewear with its legacy of notable people wearing their streamlined frames, including members of the Vienna Philharmonic, Carla Bruni, and Lady Gaga. Silhouette’s current ambassador is a young trailblazer and trainee astronaut Alyssa Carson, whose ambition is to be one of the first Mars walkers. Alyssa became interested in space when she was a little girl, and has been to every NASA center.

Alyssa Carson proves the perfect role model for silhouette’s space odyssey and its female empowerment campaign.

“I started asking my dad questions about space, where humans had traveled to, and any details he knew. No one in my family had much knowledge about the space or science industry, so I started asking for books, posters, and space materials. My dad and I think that it could have been an episode of the Backyardigans (a pre-school TV series) that sparked my initial questions. I then went to space camp for the first time at age seven and instantly knew that I wanted to do something in the space industry. I have continued to build a resume ever since.”

Alyssa Carson - Silhouette

At seventeen years of age, Alyssa was awarded the Applied Astronautics Certification which opened the door to do research missions in suborbital space. The Louisiana-born college student now pursues working with bacterial species from the space industry, which she describes as “the most exciting part of my studies. I worked on a project where we tested plant growth-promoting bacteria that were originally obtained from the International Space Station. I have loved being involved with the research projects that can impact the future of space.”

Not only is Alyssa an intrepid space enthusiast, but she is also a keen linguist, speaking English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Her schooling inspired her interest in languages. “The school that I went to from kindergarten to 12th grade was an international immersion school where I learned four languages. My dad traveled a lot doing freelance videography and wanted me to learn some languages if I traveled, and therefore, I learned about all of the languages, cultures, and worldly experiences.”

Alyssa Carson - Silhouette

Alyssa’s devotion to outer space hasn’t dimmed her interest in more earthly concepts like fashion. “My fashion style is a mix of coastal and comfy. I have had a lot of influence from living in Florida for the last four years. However, I am moving to Arkansas which will have all four seasons so I will need to change my style to something warmer. My favorite Silhouette eyewear shape is round/oval. I like this shape because I think it looks best on my face, and I have stuck with it ever since I started wearing glasses.”

During MIDO in Milan 3-5 February, Alyssa Carson will be at the Silhouette stand to launch the new Titan Minimal Art collection. Alyssa relies on corrective eyewear and is an ideal match for the space-tested Silhouette Titan Minimal Art collection.


About Silhouette

Founded in 1964, Silhouette is the global leader in premium rimless eyewear. In 1999, the family-operated company revolutionized the glasses industry with an innovative screwless, hingeless, and rimless model called Titan Minimal Art. This innovative design – made from start to finish in Austria and weighing only 1.8 grams – was unlike anything the world had ever seen. All Silhouette glasses are made from the highest quality materials using cutting-edge technology and the finest handcraftsmanship. In fact, around 80% of the build is carried out by hand. This ensures the glasses deliver best-in-class comfort to a global market of more than 100 countries on five continents and in space. With 50 patents and over 100 design awards under its belt, Silhouette has a relentless commitment to quality: Over 100 quality control checks must be carried out before a single pair of glasses leaves its headquarters in Linz, Austria.

About Silhouette Group

Headquartered in Linz, Austria, the Silhouette Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium eyewear, with over 1,300 employees worldwide. With 13 international subsidiaries, the family-owned company is the market leader in rimless eyewear, which has brought it acclaim and success around the world. Exports account for 95% of their production. Silhouette eyewear is available in over 100 countries. Since 2017, the company has been a full-service provider of frames and lenses – Made in Austria.

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