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A childhood hobby, interest, or pastime frequently illuminates the path for a future career. Children who are fascinated by fabrics and fashion; trains and planes; animals and plants; or buildings and homes; translate those interests as they mature into professions that include clothing and accessory design; transportation; veterinary doctor; environmental expert or architecture.

Jeremy Tarian
Jeremy Tarian

For Parisian Jeremy Tarian, was already surrounded by eyewear influences, and thanks to his mother, the beauty and creativity of ceramics were introduced to him in grammar school. Mindful of her offspring’s sense of individuality and imagination, Mme Miklitarian enrolled her son in a pottery course where his awareness of colors and shapes developed simultaneously with his youthful design concepts, and his passion for pottery and its potential was born.

Tarian eyewear and ceramic display

As he progressed through the school years, Jeremy’s fascination with architecture and design included studies at the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York City. Then, tuning into the family history of eyewear, Jeremy launched his first frame collection at Silmo in 2011. “That show has many happy memories for me”, recalls Jeremy, “as my dad, mom, and grandmother all helped me. I really like Silmo as it is on home territory, and I can sleep in my own bed at the end of the day, which is very nice! This doesn’t happen with other shows, as we must travel. Silmo is also a good way to meet people and see friends in the industry. Plus it is the ‘Let’s go show’ with the French La Rentrée, and I like the energy and organization of the Silmo team.

Tarian eyewear display

Jeremy’s first venture at Silmo resulted in his winning a coveted Simo D’or award for his sunglass design Saintonge.

Tarian ceramics

His enthusiasm for ceramics was not forgotten, and when he was asked to design a display for an optical shop, ceramic masks, and one-of-a-kind objects brought Jeremy in unison with his zeal for eyewear and ceramics. In his elegant studio in the Marais he makes the ceramics and also displays his refined collection of optical and sunglass creations for men and women. Mixing clays and acetates with unique patterns and expressive colorations ensures his designs  – both in eyewear and ceramics – are innovative and distinctive.

Tarian BUREN

As the world and business redefine values and how to work since the pandemic, Jeremy notes that customers – both opticians and consumers – are asking for products with durability and sustainability. “Prices are higher, and there are more and more frames on the market,” says Jeremy, “and in order to be recognized, you need a story, inspiration, and what is the substance behind a behind the frame, a whole universe.”

Tarian Branly eyeglasses
Tarian Branly

Jeremy will present his new Tarian Eyewear edition for 2023/24  – Canvas – at Silmo Paris from 29 September through 2 October. More info on the salon at

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