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Historical Paris connects harmoniously with 21st-century flair in Jeremy Tarian’s elegant and stylish atelier, which he recently opened. Tarian always projects an optimistic perspective, and a pandemic was not going to delay the debut of his new gallery, with its luxurious openness and creative aura.

Jeremy Tarian

Born and bred in The City of Light, Tarian has a deep and abiding fervor for Paris. Frequently he attributes Parisian landmarks, parks, and streets to his frame names. So when it came to finding a location for his creative studio, a building with historical links to the city was a preference. Research led him to L’Hôtel de Melun, built in the 17th century and redesigned the latter part of the 18th century, located in the Marais, close to Place des Vosges.  The original, sweeping staircase of L’Hôtel de Melun still exists, and is in remarkably good condition, with its superb banister and oak baluster. The designer has great empathy for preservation and kept original features in the ground floor space, including three stone steps, now centuries old. A recent addition is the striking Baccarat mirror designed by Philippe Starck.

Tarian Atelier Interior

Tarian’s concept was not to develop an office, showroom, or shop; he wanted the space to be an expression of creation: a personal achievement of his stunning eyewear and his love of ceramics. This and more has been realized in the spacious surroundings of the Tarian Atelier. The eyewear collections for both men and women, optical and sun designs, include frames that range from graphic silhouettes to vintage interpretations; and curvaceous, stylish statements in spectacles.

Tarian ceramics corner

Family heritage energized Tarian’s enthusiasm for eyewear, and a childhood hobby launched with a ceramic course at Ateliers du Carrousel de Louvre, developed and empowered his determination for the possibilities and potential that can be conceived and shaped with clay. Tarian Atelier is the multidisciplinary, artistic dynamic between ceramics and eyewear. The ceramics will now be fired right on the premises, adding to the sustainable elements that are so valued by the designer. Tarian eyewear is made in the Jura region of France, further demonstrating his commitment to sustainability.

Tarian frame display

Certain eyewear designs are further enhanced with unique accents of mixed clays in beautiful colorations. Each concept, curve, and detail of the frames is an expression of Tarian’s love of and appreciation for eyewear with sensuality and perfect fit, always keeping the wearer in mind. “What I like when creating frames is to let my free spirit tell a story,” said the designer in an interview.

Tarian Atelier overview

Tarian Atelier is a sophisticated, refined visual expression of Jeremy’s positive attitude to life, personal passions, inspired dedication, and compelling drive for excellence. His Atelier space enables the visitor to experience a unique encounter with the designer’s creative instincts and original concepts.


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