Eye Care About You Valentine Day Gifts For Co-Workers

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OptiGreets From Hilco- Another great gift Item

You still have plenty of time to get ready for Valentines Day eye-care gifts for friends, your boss, co-workers or people that you just want to say Happy Valentines Day to without being too ‘sweet’. This gifts are great for any event and we recommend you stock them and place them strategically around the office, displayed with eyewear and eyeglass holders.

This is cool from Hilco, Opti-Greets, fun tags to put on a little animal. Great impulse item to put out on the dispensing table or even the check out reception desk. Keep it filled with fun little charms and saying and pick up that extra $10.oo per transaction.

Hilco Eyeglass Holder

I like the Eyeglass Holder Desk Caddy ‘s, as a perfect for a boss or teacher, grandparents and anyone who wears glasses. I actually like them so much I have 3 of Optacaddy’s desk caddys. These are perfect for display purposes in an office and really excellent gifts for any events. The Hilco Red coloring is perfect for Valentines Day and also to color coordinate with your eyewear. Remember Red is a power color and peoples eyes immediately go to red, so it will stand out in your dispensary.  The OptaCaddy’s come in white and black, you can get various decals put on but of course Roses for Valentine Day are always appropriate. The reason I

OptaCaddy With Rose Decal

like these Eyeglass holders, because I have glasses strewn all over and this way I put them in the caddy and don’t worry about them getting lost or scratched. Over the years I have given to my aunt, my uncle and my mother various versions of these type of eyeglass holders and they love them.

Bottom line, why let the gift shops get the VD dollars. You have a captive audience, who don’t have the time to shop, why not let them shop at your office.

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