Eye drops or Autologous Serum For Dry Eye Relief?

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Dry eyes is a common ailment in today’s world with constant computer use, smart phones with small letters and video games.  It has been estimated that at least 16 million people in the United States have dry eyes.

Typical dry eye conditions are treated with artificial tears. However, the preservatives in artificial tears often cause allergic reactions.  Non-preservative eye drops are packaged in smaller disposable vials which are more expensive.  Therefore, the idea of using autologous serum as eye drop came up as a fluid that is natural to one’s body, to be used without preservatives.   Autologous serum drops are more expensive due to the processing and made into small sterile aliquots for use.

Autologous Serum Eye Drops for Dry Eye.
This research study is based on databases from  Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. There are 5 study reports, 360 articles where autologous serum drops were used alone, or in combination with artificial tears which was comp;ared to artificial tears alone, placebo or no treatment. The research is based on comprehensive scientific databases using randomized controlled trials.

Based on the reported data from the studies, autologous serum drop was not associated with a significant improvement in tear volume (Schirmer’s test), ocular surface integrity (fluorescein or Rose Bengal staining), or impression cytology compared to preservative-free artificial tears.  Autologous serum appears to be a safe treatment option for people with dry eye and may provide some benefit in improving participant reported symptoms in the short term (two weeks) but there is a lack of clear evidence to show that the application of autologous serum offers a significant therapeutic advantage over the use of preservative free artificial tears.

For further information, go to  Ocular Surface News, Sept. 2013

Any dry eye treatment that approaches from the ocular surface can be irritating to the eyes, and inhibit the eyes to produce natural tears.  Inflammation from dry eye symptoms shut down tear secretion glands.  Revive and restore your tear secretion functions from within with TheraLife Eye.