Eye for an Eye – Grab a Guy for Mother’s Day

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Most of the men you see this week will not have bought the mothers in their lives a Mother’s Day gift yet because in general guys leave holiday gift shopping until the last minute. Attention Eye Care providers you can help out these guys with wonderful gift ideas for their mothers and/or mothers of their children. Some of these men will be in an eye care provider environment this week maybe for their own eyecare needs and they will be in the perfect place to buy eyewear for Mother’s Day. So it’s an eye for an eye opportunity –  grab a guy and help him! Tell him to dump the flowers and chocolates and buy something much more long lasting, useful and practical yet still fun!

Costa Mother's Day Gifts
Costa Mother’s Day Gifts
Ron's Optical Posey
Ron’s Optical Posey
  • A gift certificate is the safest of course but what would be even better, is to help them pick out some eyewear, sunglasses or accessories.
  • Eyewear accessories are a very easy gift choice, from a simple case to a gorgeous eyewear necklace like this one from Ron’s Optical called Posey. Hilco has lots of choice too from beaded to simple metal chains.
  • A couple of pairs of readers in pretty cases in different colors are safe and easy. Aluminum Rimless Tube Reader from Stormin Normans Optical Supplies.

    Stormin Norman readers
    Stormin Normans Readers
  • Over prescription eyewear from Dioptics, Fitovers or Live Eyewear’s Cocoons are all great options.
  • Sunglasses, Costa shows how to it right for Mother’s Day see above!


Mother’s Day in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand plus many more countries, is this coming Sunday May 12, 2013.