Eye How – Creating Customer Service Excellence

Valerie Manso

We are very pleased to bring you our third guest article from Valerie Manso . We really appreciate her training skills so we feel very fortunate that she has agreed to share some articles with us.

Topic: Creating customer service excellence Valerie Manso

In today’s customer-focused marketplace, service is a critical driver of customer retention and profitable growth. Here’s a checklist to make sure your optical practice is creating and delivering service excellence at each customer contact.

  • MOTIVATE STAFF. A motivated staff takes responsibility and delivers customer care, just as if they owned the business. Conversely when managers and supervisors do not adequately motivate, we see a significant lack of staff commitment. Causes of low commitment: Lack of appreciation; Misunderstood or unrealistic expectations; Lack of trust, self-confidence or attention to employee needs.
  • RESPOND QUICKLY TO INQUIRIES, Statistically, the longer it takes to respond, the less likely your customer is to deal with you in the future.
  • ASK HOW YOU ARE DOING. And, listen to the response. It’s important to stop and check in with your customer. Ask how you can serve them better or better meet their needs. Respond to what they say.
  • TREAT CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT. This goes for customers both within and outside your organization. Imagine what it would be like if all the interactions you ever had were based on mutual respect and integrity?

You can reach Valerie directly via email valmanso@aol.com


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