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Religion in MedicineHAMPTON, Va. – As different as religion and medicine are, both fields are as methodical as each other. And they don’t seem to meet at a common point due to cultural differences and personal beliefs.

John Dawson attempts to analyze and ameliorate the impasse between the two in Religion in Medicine Volume I and II.

In this new book series, readers discover how religion plays a vital role in the medical care plan of a patient. These works explain how religion sensitivity is a crucial matter in upholding patient rights and dignity.

“I want to draw attention to the situations that arise within medical practice in which religious beliefs play an important,” says Dawson. “I also emphasize the fact that most students and many doctors are given insufficient training in such matters, which are important to a large percentage of the public.”

Religion in Medicine Volume I and II includes a brief history of medicine as well as Dawson’s thoughts, comments and annotations.

“The majority of the world’s religions and their medical practices are discussed in the book’s chapters, including the churches of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness and Judaism,” Dawson says.

An insightful and entertaining read, Religion in Medicine Volume I and II successfully bridges medicine and religion, obliterating the fine line separating the two in these modern times.

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About the author

John Dawson is the son of a solicitor-coroner and a national athlete, who saw to his early education beginning at age three. Dawson was away at a British prep school when Nazi bombs started to fall. At this point, his father gathered the family and shipped them to North America. Dawson has been published in medical journals, but this is his first book. During his life, he has met

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