EyeRead Medical Thrillers: Dead Wrong by Allen Wyler

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Dead WrongI like to read books from Lawyers and Doctors. It is always interesting to me to see how they morphed from their profession into a writer and incorporated their skills and knowledge into a book. A new author to me, Allen Wyler MD is a neurosurgeon who started writing books. His third book, Dead Wrong is the story of a neurosurgeon, Tom McCarthy who unwittingly asked for patient records, which set off a chain of events, leading to him escaping through a medical center compound with psych intern Dr. Sarah Hamilton.

If you buy this book, keep reading. The book starts out fairly slow, but starts to ramp up about 1/4 of the way through it. McCarthy is approved by Department of Defense contractors for ‘top secret’ information of which he has no clue. The next thing you know, an agent is dead as is a secretary. McCarthy escapes and most the story is how he gets out and figures out why they are after him.

There are several issues here, DARPA, The Department of Defense, politics, money, greed, ego… What struck me the most, how the government can arbitrarily label one as a terrorist and your rights go right out the door. The second issue, is ‘medical testing’ on subjects. (Think ebola) I don’t want to tell you what they were doing, as not to ruin the story line.

Here is my 88 year old neighbor Dave’s review: A bit confusing at the start. Lots of names, I couldn’t keep straight (he is 88) but into the 3rd and 4th chapter it got very intriguing with believable action to a nice ending.

In closing, the book is easy to read and fast paced. It is on Amazon, Dead Wrong

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