Eye See Books

Cathy Ives shared this wonderful find a few days ago. This is The Chuck Bookshelf. A modern artistic and utilitarian wall sculpture that can hold a variety of sizes of books, CD’s plaques, picture frames or nicknacks. Designed by  Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, the Chuck is much more than just a bookshelf. It’s a highly flexible object that changes with your inclination. Your contents and your placement of them, determine the form. Chuck is an invitation to explore the places between spaces.

The six thin and sturdy plywood boards flex to accommodate the various sizes and weights of the things stored on them. You create the space you need for your favorite objects and books. The Chuck Flexible Wall Shelf was a reddot award winner in 2014. Most impressive of all is it looks like an eye, so it’s perfect for every optometrist or optician’s office.

The Chuck Bookshelf is available here.


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