Eye See You – Halloween 2019

Halloween has a long history. Celebrated over 2,000 years ago by Celts as the new year on November 1, it was a commemoration of the end of the harvest and the long, cold winter days and nights ahead.  Huge bonfires were made as sacrifices to the deities of the time and costumes made of animal heads and skins were worn to tell the tales of times and forecast future fortunes. The Romans, never a culture shy on commandeering other’s holidays,  transformed the holiday of Samhain, where the ghosts of the dead returned to earth and put it next to All Saints Day in 609 AD to commemorate the dead continuing on to All Souls Day on November the 2nd. As the Irish immigrated to America in the middle of the 19th Century, they brought All Hallow’s Eve with them and Halloween became celebrated nationwide. In the early 20th century Halloween became an evening of parties and vandalism. By the 1950s Halloween became a celebration for children with trick-or-treating and buckets of candy. So much candy, that 25% of all the candy sold in the US, is sold just for Halloween.

In the 21st century, we find ourselves not letting children have all the fun. Adults dress up. Whole businesses dress up. Our optical community stepped up to the plate this year and we received permission to share some of the wonderful costumes individuals, practices and stores took of their Halloween.

Kelley_Kerns and staff at Sam’s Club Optical
Lindy Gonzales Dr. Bashover, Kellye, Katrina, and Ashley of Accent Optical


‎Liz Bonifield‎ and the rest of the Beach Eye Care staff
Ashley Ari Taule‎ of Horizon Eye Care
Jessica Hembre and compatriots at Regional Eyecare
The staff at Michael Shur‎ Flatbush optical in Brooklyn, NY
Autianna Wilson and her 3rd eye
Stephane Fitoussi at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Rosana Melendez, Annemarie Gutierrez, and staff at Eyes of Jamaica
Morgan Nicole McClain and the staff at MyEyeDr. in Baltimore
Micki Lorelli and Jeff Lind of Juno Beach Optical, Florida
Yvonne Shuval of Ovvo Optics
The ladies of Eyes on Trade – North Carolina
Frances Scholz of Backyard Spectacles
Dr. Bao Hoang, Dr. Kathy Hoang, Julie Tang., Krissy M., and Adriana D. of Clarity Eye Care, Houston
Valerie Vittu of Margot & Camille Optique, Philadelphia
Dr. Mandy Brandenburgh Johnson, Nancy Pounds, Misti Schroeder, Janelle McAtee, and Deb Dugger of The Optical Gallery in Kearney, NE.
Ashlynn Dennington and the staff of TSO Fair Oaks in San Antonio, TX
Staff at the Carmel MyEyeDr, Indiana
Angela Everette of Iris Brown Eye Spot in Huntington Beach, CA
Leah Webster, Helga Wittig, and Maria Gonzalez of Seaside Eyecare Optometry in San Clemente, CA
Left to right: Becca Varner, Barry Smith, Rhonda Kane, Katy Cole, Jaclyn Petersen, Dr Larry Sylvester, Penny Fink, Sabrina Hurley, Stephanie Mugg, Billie Jo House of MyEyeDr. in Chambersburg, PA
Left to right. Lisa Takas, Dr. Samantha Zaczyk, Harley Janson, Jill Leombruno, Brittany Stiegemeier, Abby Seckel of Western Reserve Vision Care
Jilian Chae and Art Fox of All Eyes Optical


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