Eyecare and Color Awareness

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Tooling around on the Internet- found this very interesting site Color Matters– with great information on how color affects us. They have a ‘Color Survey’ on their site-

According to their global survey of over 30,000 people, the following are the colors that people relate to the different ‘aspects’ Might take that into consideration, if remodeling, or clothing/uniforms in the office.

Happy – Yellow
Pure – White
Good Luck – Green
Good-tasting – Red (tomato)
Dignity – Purple
High Technology – Silver
Sexiness – Red (tomato)
Mourning – Black
Expensive – Gold
Inexpensive – Brown
Powerful – Red (tomato)
Dependable – Blue
High Quality – Black
Nausea – Green
Deity – White
Bad Luck – Black
Favorite Color – Blue
Least Favorite Color – Orange

For more information click here.