EyeCare Events: Book Drives To Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

I was one of those kids, who was under the covers with a flashlight reading. Nothing makes me happier than a pizza and a good book. According to a Huff Post poll in October of 2013 28% of people had not read a book in the last year. (Source)  32% of Americans are illiterate. That is 1/3 of our country cannot read. How sad is that!


One of the joys of being an eyecare professional is helping people read, not just help them see, but to help them read books. That said August 9th is National Book Lovers Day, which can provide opportunities for Eyecare Professionals.

  1. Have a Book Drive and donate either to the library or send to your favorite Charity.
  2. Have A Book Exchange. People can drop off books and browse through all the books left behind.
  3. Invite an author in to speak.
  4. Volunteer at the Library to read one of the 100 different Children and Glasses Books
  5. Have a Trunk Show to Benefit the Charity of your choice (google book donations)
  6. Volunteer to teach reading
  7. Speak at a local school on the benefits of reading and how eye exams can help a person learn.
  8. Visit a Senior Center and Read a book to them. Many cannot see, but they can hear.
  9. Start a Book Club, you can do this via Facebook and your patients.
  10. Put up a little Free Library 


  • Send out a press release to the media (see how here)
  • Make sure you post your favorite books on Facebook and encourage your patients to put their favorite books up. illiteracy rate
  • Eye Read Board on Pinterest
  • Send an email out to your patients  and let them know.

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