Eyecare Events: Crazy Crochet Parties

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First I come across this really fun crocheted Eyeball. (Instructables) The mind starts to go- how can you use this to engage your patients? There are thousands and thousands of knitters including celebrites like Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank. An estimated 38 Million people in the USA crochet or knit and alot of them your patients.


There are several events you can have,

  • Projects like the above eyeball- You can have an Crazy Crochet Eyeball contest for Halloween. Get your knitters involved, post their entries on FB and have your patient vote. You can display in the office.. Afterwards you can alway donate to a charity of your choice.
  • Crazy Eyeballs can be used and taken to schools to teach about the eyes and or eye health.
  • If  your employees knit, you can have them display and have your patients  vote.
  • Offer to have a knitting meet-up in your office.

Maybe you are not into eyeballs, try making eyeglasses

These knitted eyeglasses I found on Pinterest via Sheepish Knit Crochet


A little bulkier look


Japanese Company Miraco created these Christmas edition of knitted eyewear. 


Back in 2011 Miracle Megan Knitted Sunglasses are sunglass necklace but can be used as an eyewear accessory. Via Trendhunter


On Etsy

This Tapestry Spectacle was done via 3D printing. The glasses were made in 3D and then the design was knitted or sewn in.

Aura Tout Vu featured crocheted Eyewear in their 2009 Runway show

This is known as a QR code eyeglass

Claude Bossett has a different take, this is more of a macrame look.


Maybe some old frame sitting around you want to hip up? Louis Vuitton 2010

Not to be outdone, Chanel 2010 had their little crochet look going on

Apologies in advance for no credit to this picture, I cannot find the source

Another image with a knitted look that I can’t find the source..

As you can see, the styles are endless and can provide a fun and engaging way to interact with your patients..


Crafty Yarn Council 

The Knitting Guild Association

Todays Knitting post is sponsored by QSpex, optical lens fabrication equipment in which you can give the ‘homemade’ touch.