Eyecare Professionals And B Corporations

Karun Eyewear, the only know Optical B Corp
Karun Eyewear, the only known Optical B Corp

This friend of mine called,  you gotta write about this.. B corps, it the hottest thing. He was impressed with the Fast Company article on Kickstarter becoming a B Corporation…. we did that story in last year. He is right B Corporations are trending.

For those who want to know what a B Corp is check out some of the articles on: Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Mashable, New Yorker, Entrepreneur, Economist… 334,000,000 results on Google. B Corporation, the B stands for Beneficial and that is exactly what a B Corp is all about. B can also stand for Better, better business, better employees, better products, better sustainability. You get the story.

And B Corporations not just for Eco Friendly products, Doctors, lawyers and Kickstarter and companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Etsy, Method, BlueAvocado, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips. In fact in 2015 there were 26 B Corporation on Forbes 5000 list. Great news for a new concept that started in 2007 by 81 companies.

B Corporations are a perfect fit for Eyecare providers. Many providers already are giving back, eyecare is preventive medicine and there are sustainable options in products… it make green sense. Green as in money and green as in the environment.

Look at this impact report from Patagonia. What would happen if an eyecare provider could get through all the noise on the Internet with an B Impact Report? How could that set you apart from the competition? How could that set you apart from online businesses? How could that effect your patient referrals? How could you market this? How could happier patients and employees effect your business? How could a focus like this effect your brand and your business?


If you are unsure if the consumer-patient will like that status:

Chart of socially conscious investment. Stateline 2014

One of the reasons that companies such as Warby Parker, Uber, AirBnB have made such a splash is because they were disruptive… Just like you can be.. cause your own disruption in your community.

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