Eyeglasses For Dogs: April 1939

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BY MENTIONING that her dog seemed nearsighted, a girl customer started an optician of Geneva, Switzerland, on his way to becoming a specialist in fitting canines with glasses. Not only did he succeed in curing her pet, but now he has found a novel and profitable career in applying his newly discovered methods to other four-footed subjects.

Many dogs are known to suffer from defective vision, especially nearsightedness. Others need tinted eye shades after eye operations. For these reasons, a number of inventors have tried to produce glasses suitable for dogs, only to fail because the animals found the spectacles uncomfortable or could not keep them on. The design created by Robert Muller, the Swiss optician, is declared to be the first to overcome these objections. Attached to the dog’s collar, a light metal frame resting on its head supports the glasses, which are secured firmly in place by an elastic band passing under its jaws. Full Story