Eyehow: Take a One Minute Survey to Ensure Your Optical Business is in Compliance for 2013

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Both small and large businesses must comply with federal and state employment laws and regulations.

Take this 1 minute survey to ensure your optical business is in compliance for 2013.

  1. Dept of LaborMy business has written job descriptions, including ADA requirements, for every position. Yes or No
  2. I am aware of new requirements regarding Pregnancy Disability Leave (New 2013). Yes or No
  3. I am aware of new requirements for commissioned employees (New 2013). Yes or No
  4. I am aware of law changes regarding expanded protected classes (New 2013). Yes or No
  5. My managers have been trained to conduct interviews in compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination law. Yes or No
  6. My managers know what questions are illegal to ask during an employment interview. Yes or No
  7. I have an employee handbook that has a legal review on a regular basis. Yes or No
  8. I conduct non-harassment training annually. Yes or No
  9. I know how to handle a sexual harassment claim. Yes or No
  10. I understand my responsibility concerning violence in the workplace. Yes or No
  11. I conduct performance appraisals regularly. Yes or No
  12. I have a fire evacuation plan in place. Yes or No
  13. I have a safety manual for my business and managers. Yes or No
  14. I am aware of my responsibilities with regard to out-of-state employees. Yes or No
  15. I have trained all my managers to be consistent in their procedures. Yes or No
  16. Every terminated employee at my company receives an exit interview. Yes or No
  17. I know the differences between state and federal employment laws. Yes or No
  18. All my employees are correctly classified for exempt/non-exempt status under applicable wage and hour laws. Yes of No
  19. I have all required state and fed posters displayed in my workplace. Yes or No
  20. I have Form I-9s for every employee. Yes or No
  21. I know what OSHA regulations and training apply to my staff.
  22. I know how to handle a state unemployment insurance dispute. Yes or No
  23. I understand the health care and COBRA requirements that apply to my business. Yes or No

If you answered “No” to any questions take the time to brush up on employment compliance for your optical business.

Source: Paychex          Resources: http://www.dol.gov/compliance/guide/


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