eyeRead: The Shark Club

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This year for Shark Week and our annual Shark Read, we decided not to do a serious business oriented book. Instead we have a easy to read Beach Book from Ann Kidd Taylor. Ann’s heroine loves the water and is bitten by a shark as a child. This turns into a life-long career choice studying sharks.

After one of her gigs is over she comes home to her aunt’s beach front hotel and finds out that there is a Shark Finning operation going on. What ensues is the stuff of finding love and halting shark finning in Florida and forgiving.

This is a bit of chick book, easy to read and would I recommend it, yes, if you do like to read non-serious books. My only issue: Shark finning is a awful, destructive and illegal operation in most of the world. I wish they had delved more into the issue of shark finning.