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Believe it or not, eyeglasses

Cat Power


Types of Eyeglass Styles


Artist Wayne Thiebaud – Five Rows of Sunglasses; sunglasses emerge from a neutral background, allowing the viewer to focus on the subject and its relation to the space in which it occupies. Similar to his early paintings in the 1960s of food, specifically of cakes and slices of pie, Five Rows of Sunglasses reveals the similarity between richly textured oil paint and frosting


The Way I See It, by Bianca Green


Saying I have four eyes just says I see better than you can…


Eyeglass Art


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Eyeglass Poster

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By Artist Olimpia Zagnoli.


By Mizmaru Kawahara illustrations


Artist Unknown


Hand drawn Sunnies


Eyeglass Art

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Australian artist Christopher Vine uses vintage-style eyewear for his greeting cards produced by Portfolio in London


Movie Galsses


identipops: the popstar face-making game, 1969

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Victor Keppler, photography


Artist: Suinni


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